About Us

Loose Lips is a Vancouver- based female-focused publication covering all things woman in the Pacific Northwest. We are the journalistic mouthpiece for all things salacious, unconventional, and culture driven.

Co-founded by two journalism school grads who went searching for their media niche but decided to create it instead.

Get in touch:

Kristi Alexandra || Co-founder and co-EIC

Brittany Tiplady || Co-founder and co-EIC

Want to meet the rest of our rad lady crew? Check out our contributors:

Alli Hayes || Writer
Claire Matthews || Writer
Jessie Hannah || Writer
Juliana Bergstrom || Writer
Sarah Foot || Writer
Jess Procter || Writer
Laura Collins || Writer
Marissa Del Mistro || Writer
Cassidy Scott || Writer
Abby Wiseman || Writer
Kelsey Reimer || Writer
Miranda Victoria || Writer & Photographer
Leah Scheitel || Writer
Sarine Gulerian || Writer
Faye Alexander || Writer
Amanda Kay || Writer
Linnea LeTourneau || Writer
Rachelle Lachland || Writer
Samantha Lego || Writer
Madison Paige || Writer & Photographer
Claire Desmarais || Writer
Elizabeth Barr || Contributor & Photographer
Katy Cobb || Writer
Kelsey Dech || Columnist
Shannon McLachlan || Columnist & Photographer
Laura Scotten || Photographer
Kat Karpoff || Writer
Kate Belton || Columnist