Babes Who Brunch: Linh Café

Homestyle French and Vietnamese cuisine goes brunch

By Juliana Bergstrom

Where: Linh Café (2836 W 4th Ave)

Hair of the Dog: Iced Vietnamese coffee ($4), Champagne ($9.95). No cocktails with spirits; just beer and wine.

Vietnamese Coffee as pictured by @linhcafe_yvr’s Instagram


What we ate: Toulouse Breakfast:  2 poached eggs, white beans, house made sausage, bacon, chorizo, salad ($13.95); Vancouver Breakfast: House made sausage, double smoked bacon, sunny side up eggs, onion jam, fries, toast ($13.95)

Linh’s breakfast skillets are named after different regions around the world from Hanoi to Paris to Lyon, Toulouse, Brittany, and Morocco. (c/o @linhcafe_yvr’s Instagram)


What we loved:  An eclectic setting with a small business feel. The amount of hand-cut and housemade items on the menu are a plus. Be wary: they don’t take reservations – first come first serve.



Juliana loves most Vancouver clichés — such as yoga, hiking and drinking tea with elaborate names — but what you wouldn’t guess about her is that she danced her way through 32 countries, is a die-hard No Doubt fan and cries when she is really excited and/or happy. Oh, and she loves a dry sauvignon blanc.