#Bossy: Trimaran Botanicals’ Mimi Young

Mimi Young takes beauty to the spiritual realm with skincare botanical line

By Alli Hayes

I pull up to Mimi’s house in Steveston, Richmond with my girlfriends Steph and Leona (founder of Right Vibes Shamanism). She’s invited us over for butternut squash soup, tea, and a witch day: we’re the type of friends who have lunch complete with guided pendulum and full-spread tarot readings. Her home is just how it should feel for a holistic skincare producer; nature themed artwork, and an open concept living/dining room and kitchen. The windows are open, white walls, and lots of fun plants. I feel like I’m living inside of her brand’s Instagram.

She passes around some body oil and a cleansing mist that hasn’t been released yet from her skincare line, Trimaran Botanicals.

“The beauty industry at large is based on the masculine interpretation of feminine beauty,” Young explains.

“Women strive for ‘perfection,’ oftentimes based on how men define beauty. Well, obviously I don’t buy that. That’s why I believe in offering something much more authentic and compassionate. Trimaran Botanicals is a ceremonial vegan line that promotes a holistic and compassionate view of beauty by honouring the internal spirit and using truly effective formulations for the skin.”

It’s the honest truth that, in our never-ending consumerist market, we tend to purchase things based on appearance results and price. Young wishes to bring more authenticity to our facial and body routine by setting intentions and healing yourself from the inside out.

After studying at the East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies, she started making skincare products for friends and family, but her natural entrepreneurial skills felt the need to carbon-neutral label everything and list the ingredients.

Her strong graphic design background led her to create a full-fledged brand on- and offline, and by sticking to her spiritual routine, Young has been able to bless all of her products with good energy while she listens to high vibrational music to seal the package.

“I truly believe that balance and joy is the best type of beauty, and this is why spiritual skincare is so important. This is also why I offer both an existing collection as well as custom formulations. So the individual can be heard and seen as someone who is already beautiful,” she said.

Before Trimaran became a reality, Young was on bed rest during the majority of her second pregnancy. In this time, she tapped into meditation, and sought guidance and spiritual journeying through Leona de Lange Boom, practitioner of Right Vibes Shamanism.

Shamanic journeys begin with a Shamanic practitioner who will either go on the journey in honour of your soul with or without your presence in order to make sense if your current life situations.

This can take place in the shape of ancestors, animals, and different landscapes. Results can include the breaking of habits, negative energy and thoughts, dreams, and much more. It has opened up a world for which Young is forever grateful for, and for her it seems that you can never learn too much in the Shamanic realm.

It can sometimes be difficult to talk about your experiences with others, especially if they’re skeptic of Shamanic journeys. Setting intentions and allowing your energy to open up and let go to the universe in past, present, or future is how the practitioner can guide you through the healing process.


Young has used Trimaran Botanicals to create something for everyone, from eye serums and facial toners to body oils that can be used in sync with yoga, meditation, journeying or for the use of its fragrance and texture alone.

While you can access everything through her online store, Young frequently sells her collections at pop up shops around town (she is currently selling items from her collection at By Broken Arrow in Strathcona).

Keep Trimaran Botanicals on your wish list the next time you need to replenish your bathroom cabinet, and for a spiritual boost.

You can follow on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website here: www.trimaranbotanicals.com


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