Babes Who Brunch: Cabrito

Cabrito brunch turns traditional tapas on their head

By Alli Hayes

Where: Cabrito (2270 Commercial Drive)

Hair of the dog: Signature Caesars, of course. They were loaded with Bosa Foods olives, pickled beans, a gherkin, and a delicate piece of cured meat on top.

cabrito drinks


What we ate: Olive oil and chocolate pancakes topped with Dulce de Leche and mint (OMG), creamy seasoned scrambled eggs and Iberico Jamon on crispy sourdough toast with skillet roasted potatoes and a light salad, and the smokey paprika Benny! It was a paprika infused hollandaise over soft poached eggs, sautéed tomato and peppers with roasted potatoes, and toast on the side for dipping. YUM.

What we loved: All of the above! The food, the plates and silverware, the painted mural, the textured wood interior. The intricacy of the flavours have been perfected for someone that craves breakfast adventures. Cabrito recognizes the familiar love for brunch and teases it with a Spanish accent.The blankets supplied in the cozy covered patio were well appreciated for this edition of ‘My Sunday Hangover’.


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