How-To Guide: DIY Bombshell Bath Bombs

Elizabeth Barr

Every once it’s nice to get pampered, right? Well if you’re like me, you’d like that to happen a little more often. But with busy schedules, and even busier social lives it’s hard to find the time.

This year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to gift some of the special people in my life with an excuse to go ahead and take that time to relax – a bath bomb! I got this idea while walking past Lush and I thought, “Hey if Lush can make them, then I’m sure I can figure out something right?”

So here’s a little gift for you, something you can keep for yourself ( I won’t say anything, promise!) or gift to those special loved ones on this Valentine’s Day weekend.



Ingredient list 

Makes roughly 12 bath bombs 

– Baking mold or tin. I used a muffin tin, but you can use a ice cube tray, silicone baking containers or basically anything that will help the bath bomb hold its shape.

– Essential oils. Something to make the bomb smell goooood – I went to Sage and purchased the lavender essential oils, but you can be creative with what you want it to smell like! There are a few sites where they will tell you the health benefits of the different scents. I chose lavender because of its calming effect.

–  Cream of tartar ( in the baking aisle of any supermarket)

– Olive oil (or any kind of oil you like to use)

– Epsom salts

– Baking soda


-dried lavender (or any kind of flower you decide to use!)



Step 1: Combine all your dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and combine well

– 1 cup cream of tartar

– 2 cups baking soda

– 6 tbsp Epsom salts



Step 2: In a separate bowl, mix together the olive oil and essential oils along with the dried lavender. Mix well.

– 40 drops of essential oil

– 4 tbsp of dried lavender

– 8 tbsp of oil

Step 3: Pour the two bowls into one ( wet into dry)

Step 4: Mix together. If the mixture will not hold a shape and just crumbles add a little water and keep mixing.

Step 5: Once you are able to make a shape out of the mix and it holds together press it firmly into the mold you are using.

(Optional – I put dried lavender at the bottom of the muffin tin so that the top of the bath bomb would be covered in dried lavender )

Leave them to dry out overnight, I actually left mine for 2 days just in case. Once they are dry, carefully take them out and leave them to dry out again outside of the mold overnight once more. Then put them in a cute little bag, paired with a note and prepare to wow your friends.

Happy Valentine’s (Galentine’s) Day!

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Elizabeth is a planner for Sweetheart Events, a calligrapher and a lover of all things caffeinated and creative.