Babes Who Brunch: 33 Acres

By Claire Matthews

Where: 33 Acres Brewing Company

Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant (15 West 8th Avenue)

Hair of the Dog: Flight of beer (33 Acres of Sunshine, 33 Acres of Four, 33 Acres of Darkness, and 33 Acres of Ocean).

What we ate: The Loaded Biscuit and the Muy Caliente Biscuit. Both feature house-made biscuits topped with avocado and poached egg. The Loaded also comes with melted cheddar cheese, ham, and pepper jelly.

What we loved: The buttery, flaky biscuits. Even my bestie who usually scraps the top bun of whatever she’s eating (or removes the bread all together) ate the whole biscuit. I ate the top by itself since the sandwich is so big it needs to be fork-and-knifed. They should call the biscuits “33 Acres of Heaven.”





Claire Matthews is a UBC MFA student, writer, editor, soap maker, and whiskey drinker.