Babes Who Brunch: Yolk’s

By Claire Matthews

Where: Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary (Original location: 1298 East Hastings at Clark)

Neighbourhood: Downtown East Side

Hair of the Dog: Although they have lots of options for booze (mimosas, Caesar, sangria to name a few), we went for the fresh squeezed orange juice and a pitcher of house made iced Callebaut chocolate milk (also available with almond milk).  

What we ate: What we always get when we go to Yolk’s: two perfectly poached eggs with double smoked bacon and fresh arugula over truffle-lemon hash browns and real hollandaise. Amazing.

What we loved: The poached egg flow chart, the friendly service, and the made-in-house ingredients. The new location on Broadway and Cambie serves to be just as good. Bonus: They have a flowchart for poached eggs and burritos (The egg flow chart is still a favourite but the burritos are delish!).





Claire Matthews is a UBC MFA student, writer, editor, soap maker, whisky drinker.